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What FREE resources can you expect?

Case study analysis

Case study analysis is a great way to help you better understand the practical application of the ABPI Code of Practice and see where companies have gone wrong in the past, BUT it can be time consuming… so we’ve done the hard work for you. Join us on case study deep dives, summaries and more.

Practical learning resources

Monthly downloadable learning resources will give you the tools and expertise to approach decision making competitively in both a commercial and compliance sense. After all, being compliant is always in the business interest!

Grey Matters – Discussion Forum

Experienced signatories in pharma know that not everything is crystal clear. Making decisions can be difficult and requires thought. Join us as we debate the ambiguities and conundrums that can arise interpreting regulation and in particular the ABPI Code of Practice. Embrace the grey!

Ethos news and upcoming events

Get the latest on what’s happening at Ethos and be the first to hear about upcoming events – like our first charity symposium coming up this December: Ethics, compliance, corporate culture and the avoidance of cockup.