Education for a digital age in

Pharmaceutical Ethics and Compliance

We provide education and training in ethical compliance with industry standards for marketing, sales, medical and communications functions in the pharmaceutical industry and allied agencies.

Let's assume that most people, whatever their role, want to do the right thing

What if people enjoyed compliance training?

Maybe social and digital media activity can be an opportunity for pharm, not a quagmire

The education we provide covers:

ABPI Code of Practice

We are experts not just in the interpretation of the ABPI Code of Practice but also in the practical issues of delivering materials and activities. Our trainers have worked at the sharp end of multiple commerical and communications campaigns and understand the pressures that brings.

International Codes

We’re experienced global campaigners and can provide insight on international requirements, such as the EFPIA Code, and its interpretation by market

Pharmaceutical Ethics

All our education in compliance is founded upon understanding of fundamental academically rigorous principles of ethics. For some of our clients we provide educational programmes in pharmaceutical and medical ethics with no reference to compliance.

Research Ethics

The ethical theories we use to help learners understand and remember compliance with regulations are applicable across pharma. We can explain the requirements of clinical research regulation, such as GCP, in a way that makes it meaningful and encourages personal accountability

Company codes and policies

All companies have policies and procedures of their own and ways of operating that can be difficult to remember and apply. We can take your policies and procedures and make them memorable and meaningful to the people who need to use them. 

Social and Digital Media

We can provide education on making things happen in social and digital media demonstrating why ‘compliance’ cannot be used as an excuse for inactivity in the digital world