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Education for a digital age 

Pharmaceutical Ethics and Compliance

We provide pharmaceutical and agency training in ethical compliance with industry standards.

"Let's assume that most people, whatever their role, want to do the right thing"

"What if people enjoyed compliance training?"

"Maybe social and digital media activity can be an opportunity for Pharma, not a quagmire"

The education we provide covers:

ABPI Code of Practice

We are experts, not just in the interpretation of the ABPI Code of Practice, but also in the practical issues of delivering materials and activities. Our trainers have worked at the sharp end of multiple commercial and communication campaigns and understand the pressure that brings.

Research Ethics

The ethical theories we use to help learners understand and remember compliance with regulations are applicable across pharma. We can explain the requirements of clinical research regulation, such as GCP, in a way that makes it meaningful and encourages personal accountability.

International Codes

We’re experienced global campaigners and can provide insight on international requirements, such as the EFPIA Code, and its interpretation by markets.

Company Codes & Policies

All companies have policies and procedures of their own and ways of operating that can be difficult to remember and apply. We can take your policies and procedures and make them memorable and meaningful to the people who need to use them.

Pharmaceutical Ethics

All of our compliance education is founded upon fundamental, academically rigorous principles of ethics. For some of our clients, we provide educational programmes in pharmaceutical and medical ethics with no reference to compliance.

Social and Digital Media

We can provide education on making things happen in social and digital media demonstrating why ‘compliance’ cannot be used as an excuse for inactivity in the digital world.

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Short motivational talks

Digital delivery

Half-day, one-day and two-day events

Full company educational programmes

Intensive signatory training and assessment

Medical and pharmaceutical ethics programmes

We enjoy ethics and compliance

We want learners to enjoy what they are learning and remember it. Whether face-to-face or online, we use multiple interactive techniques to engage learners and our ethics-based approach drives a deep understanding of regulation.

We ask people what they think

We want to make people into better decision-makers. Great decision making is more than just learning rules, it is about understanding them and knowing how to justify actions and make things happen. We don’t believe in compliance by avoidance.

We’re equipped to deliver through multiple channels

We base all our programmes on understanding our customers; the learners. Our compliance education programmes are tailored to the specific needs of the audience based on research before the event.

Dr Nick Broughton

Dr Nick Broughton

Founding Partner

Nick is a physician who has worked previously in pharma as a director in UK and European Medical and Regulatory Affairs. He has over 20 years experience reviewing and approving promotional and other material. He has a special interest in pharmaceutical ethics and how to incorporate that within compliance education to make it meaningful and memorable.
Louise Sharp

Louise Sharp

Founding Partner

Louise is a communications, marketing and training professional and the owner and Managing Director of Makara Health group. She has worked in healthcare communications for over 20 years creating promotional and educational programmes. Her particular passion is in creating inspiring learning experiences that truly engage and empower individuals.
Dr Shazia Hasan

Dr Shazia Hasan


Shazia is a pharmaceutical physician with significant experience in senior medical roles at both UK and European levels in the industry. She has spent almost 20 years as a final medical signatory in the UK. Her speciality is developing digital and social media materials and activities that meet both company and compliance needs. 

Ekta Rohra

Ekta Rohra

Director, Digital Strategy

With a degree in medicine, Ekta has been focusing on the digital aspect in healthcare communications for over 12 years. She is particularly interested in delivering projects that can measure outcomes and ROI. Her experience ranges from eDetails and websites, to online training, apps and targeted communications, across a wide range of therapy areas and target audiences. Outside of work she is a budding photographer and an amateur short filmmaker.

Kirsty Thomas

Kirsty Thomas

Project Manager

Kirsty has experience in a number of industries including media, education, advertising and pharmaceuticals. She has delivered multiple external events with brands and healthcare professionals, intranet renovations and risk management enhancements with pharma compliance teams. Kirsty is an agile qualified project manager with a knack for problem solving and streamlining processes. In her spare time she enjoys muay thai boxing and is a qualified makeup artist.

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